Our main concern was the base level of noise it generated. You can also specify the tolerance of the temperature differential of the dark frame subtract from exact temperature to 1,2 3,4 C tolerances. To view this digimag, Adobe Flash player is required. For me one word; WoW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pixel Size in microns Temperature Sensor. Bresser full HD deep-sky camera. This is NOT an Advertisment.

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Meade Deep Sky Imager II & Autostar Suite Software B&H

This is just one mans opinion of this product. Find out where to buy your equipment with our Retailer Guide. With the new features it is a very quiet imager and does not need cooling like most imagers today.

Chip Dimensions Pixels 5. A sensor inside the camera takes the temperature of the chip and displays the data on your computer screen. Let me finish off by saying this; who needs to spend thousands of dollars on an imager with cooling when there is a pr all around imager on the market for the beginner or advanced imaging person at a truly great price??

This is NOT an Advertisment.

Write a review saswzfbsrufcdctqvcvqdvdecdwqeftz. Then, when you take an image, Envisage looks for the dark frame with the closest temperature match and subtracts it automatically to get rid of the noise — a really nice touch. AutoStar Suite has everything you need to plan, capture and process your images. When dark subtracting the software not only uses the exposure length but also uses the temperature of the exposure giving you the best dark frame subtraction possible.


Attaching image device is as simple as inserting an eyepiece, and this can be used without incorporating the software package on any telescope which uses 1.

Pixel Size in microns Temperature Sensor. You’ll be able to control your scope remotely over the internet! Our main concern was the base level of noise it generated. Let me first start sjy by saying thanks Meade for allowing me the honor of helping out with the new imager. Envisage is a clever program geared towards getting you the best image possible.

Be the first to review this item. This data is also recorded against dark frames whenever they are generated. The imager contains a color CCD sensor from Sony which has fine x pixel resolution, and it has magnification similar to a 6mm eyepiece. See imagr errors on this page? All of these images were captured using the Envisage software and utilizing the auto dark subtract feature. Having knowledge of the DSI series of imagers and the Envisage Capture software I knew what to compare and where to look.

Altair Hypercam M V2 mono astronomy imaging camera. If you already have an AutoStar-controlled telescope, the Mrade Pro II should be a serious consideration; the level of integration between software, camera and scope is excellent. You can also specify the ddeep of the temperature differential of the dark frame subtract from exact temperature to 1,2 3,4 C tolerances. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.


Meade Deep Sky Imager RGB Color Filter Set for use with DSI PRO

Listed below are some of my test images. Bresser full HD deep-sky camera.

Stargazing breaks in the UK. Using the auto dark subtract feature will save time in post processing images.

Deep Sky Imager IV (DSI-IV)

All of the exposures listed meaee are in 4 minute subs except for the Helix Nebula, which was 2 minute subs. However, long exposures showed that the noise was evenly distributed across the image with no unwanted gradients.

Meade has definitely found something that is remarkable and very easy to use. You can opt-out at any time. I was fortunate enough to be a Beta tester for this new imager. You’ll be able to capture imagery of deep-space objects such as nebulae with remarkably good clarity.